Secretary-General Election: Chair’s Statement

Statement by 5th Academic Committee Chair, Christopher Lim MBC, on the Business Council motion to elect a Secretary-General of the Academic Committee. 21st April 2021

Statement by Christopher Lim MBC, 5th Chair of the Academic Committee

This afternoon, I proposed a Motion in the Business Council, the Committee’s highest agenda-setting body, to declare the Secretary General position vacant, the first in a series of steps to elect the 6th Chair of the Academic Committee. I am happy to say that the Business Council agreed and gave the Motion assent, with the President declaring the Secretaryship-General open.

This is the 4th Committee Election since 2018. The first two elections were elections for joint tickets, and took place in the beginning of the new academic year. This year, the Business Council has decided to do things differently. We believe that giving the 6th Chair a term-long runway to organise a new leadership team and take over vital committee organs means that the 6th Chair is best prepared to lead the committee into the new academic year.

As per usual procedure with Charterhouse leavers, I will not be standing for re-election to membership of the Business Council after CQ21 and will not be contesting the Secretaryship-General Election. It has been the upmost pleasure to lead the Academic Committee as it’s first sole Chair, having been a member since 2018, serving as Associate Chair and Deputy Chair. From the Network Summit — a trailblazing event that broadened pupils’ horizons and represented who we are in so many ways — to SkillsSoc Pathways — a fundamental reformation of Academic Peer Mentoring, we have pioneered new ideas and radical changes to deliver for Carthusians and enhance Charterhouse Values.

The establishment of Committee portfolios has also meant our members have had the opportunity to shine. Our two key sub-committees, Liaison House (our external communications and liaison ministry) and Treasury, have been key to our project. The ability for us to have a team of members stationed in LH, focused on speaking to NGOs and organisations outside of Charterhouse means that we can send our message everywhere. Treasury leadership means that we can also have a specialised finance and budgeting unit. These have all benefitted and enriched our organisation immensely.

This is the first time we are undertaking such an election procedure, and it’s to make sure our process remains democratic and transparent. Electing the next Secretary-General is a priority for the Committee and making sure Carthusians can participate will be the best way to ensure success.

## Authorised by C Lim, Liaison House, Charterhouse School ##

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